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    Citizen feedback is important to the City of Wichita and we want to continue engaging with and listening to residents. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, residents and media are unable to attend Wichita City Council meetings in person. To be as transparent as possible, the City is providing multiple alternative ways to engage. All meetings will be broadcast live on Cox cable channel 7, Wichita.gov and the 暗黑2刚毅City’s YouTube channel. The agenda is available at Wichita.gov.

    Residents with a question or comment relevant to agenda items may participate by emailing comments or questions to councilmeeting@wichita.gov, providing their name, address and which agenda item they are speaking toward, followed by their comments. To ensure comments are included, 暗黑2刚毅all emails must be submitted by 8 a.m. on the Tuesday the meeting is held. 暗黑2刚毅

    In lieu of reading written public comments live into the record during the council meeting, such comments shall be provided in writing to the Mayor and each City Council Member. All written comments shall be attached and made part of the official minutes of the public meeting by the City Clerk.

    Also, if residents wish to speak to Council on an agenda item during the meeting, they can go to Century II, 225 W Douglas Street, where the City has prepared viewing rooms to accommodate social distancing and other preventative safety measures for residents to interact remotely with Council. This is a temporary measure to allow better resident engagement and participation with Council while City Hall is closed.


    暗黑2刚毅4th Tuesdays | 9:30am | 1st Floor Board Room暗黑2刚毅

    On occasion, a workshop is held following a regular Council meeting. At these workshop "study" sessions, the City Council has the opportunity to review and discuss important items, staff projects, and future Council meeting agenda items.?

    Workshop Presentations ????


    If you are unable to attend a City Council meeting, you can watch Channel 7 LIVE at 9:00 AM on Tuesdays, or replays on Tuesday at 6PM, Wednesday at 1AM, Saturday at 10AM, and Sunday at 2PM. Or you can watch LIVE or archived video via the internet below.